The Canadian Youth Delegation is the voice of the Canadian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences. Made up of dedicated and inspiring leaders from across the country, the delegation represents the demands of a generation working to create a just, safe, and livable future for all.

At COP 20 in Lima, Peru our aims are to:

  • Represent the youth climate movement in Canada
  • Hold our leaders accountable for their actions
  • Pursue justice for those suffering the effects of climate change
  • Act in solidarity with frontline communities in Canada and across the globe
  • Seek solutions to one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced

The CYD has carefully recruited young leaders from across Canada based on a diverse array of talents and specialties. Collectively, the CYD focuses on three key areas:

Media. The CYD connects with existing media outlets, produces the CYD podcast, and will publish the CYDaily newsletter throughout the negotiations in Doha. The CYD provides reporting, analysis, and commentary of COP18 to keep Canadians informed of the negotiations in real time.

Action and strategy. Based on strategic planning, the CYD conducts actions that focus around various climate issues.

Policy. The CYD actively follows different policy streams during the negotiations, interprets them for a wider audience. The CYD ultimately develops and submits an official policy stance to the UN.

The Origins of the CYD

The Canadian Youth Delegation to Durban builds on a long history of Canadian youth engagement in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Since the large and unprecedented mobilization of young people at COP11 in Montreal 2005, youth from Canada have organized a presence at every major meeting, including COP12 in Nairobi, COP13 in Bali, COP14 in PoznanCOP15 in CopenhagenCOP16 in Cancun, and COP17 in Durban.